Formación Oficial en Salud, Arte y Educación. Es una institución que articula lo psicoterapéutico, lo corporal, el psicoanálisis, el psicodrama, lo grupal, la creatividad y las máscaras. Este entramado constituye una definición conceptual y metodológica. La máscara revela y oculta a lo largo de la historia humana, lo personal, lo cultural y lo social.
Instituto, Máscara, Formación, Salud, Arte, Educación, Psicoterapéutico, Corporal, Psicoanalisis, psicodrama, grupal, creatividad, conceptual, cultura, social
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The Mask Institute provides training of knowledge in health, art and education. Know any official titles we give.


The Mask Institute provides psychotherapeutic assistance specializing in psychoanalytic psychodrama and body encuandre.


Within the different areas, the Mask Institute offers a space artistic development.

About us

The Mask Institute was founded in 1975. Begins its journey in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychodrama, expressive and artistic body areas to research and systematic implementation of the mask.

We invite you to meet the team that makes up the Institute of the Mask, its founders, principals and teachers who daily work around what we love.


Throughout his years the Mask Institute support the creation of various publications and books.

Within these publications are the largest variety of texts related to the study of masks, different areas of deployment and also a corner for artistic texts arising from our teachers.

Meet all our library and articles of interest.

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