Instituto de la Máscara | Institutional
Formación Oficial en Salud, Arte y Educación. Es una institución que articula lo psicoterapéutico, lo corporal, el psicoanálisis, el psicodrama, lo grupal, la creatividad y las máscaras. Este entramado constituye una definición conceptual y metodológica. La máscara revela y oculta a lo largo de la historia humana, lo personal, lo cultural y lo social.
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The Masks of Life

It is an institution that articulates different areas, among them the psychotherapeutic, the play, the body, psychoanalysis, psychodrama, groups, creativity and masks.

Why mask?

Because mankind cannot be conceived without masks, since they are implied in all human actions. Masks have the malleability to reveal and hide those things that make human beings ask questions about themselves, like masks of life in front of those of death. “Masks are thousand year old remnants of faces that stick to skin and call me. They are death, madness, joy and hope.” “They are phantasies always present in each expression, in each glance, in each face. They are found in a mouth, in a cardboard fold, in the dark cavity of the eyes, in a warm and face” EM, MJB After 36 years of uninterrupted work home or abroad, the Mask Institute decided to start a new phase, by redefining its institutional project, in the health, education, organization, communitarian and artistic areas. These are areas that feedback on each other in a methodology we have developed. We promote activities in our country and also beyond borders: in Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, USA, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and Finland.
From the wealth of experiences acquired throughout its history, its focus is now in giving Psychotherapeutic assistance, developing Workshops and Training for specialty certificates degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Diploma degrees as wells as and Seminars for professionals and/or advanced students in similar areas.

One of the mainstays of the Mask Institute is psychotherapeutic assistance. Its specialty is the psychoanalytic, psycho-dramatic and corporal framing. The clinical aspect requires constructions regarding the state of helplessness and emptiness; it needs the psychic structuring, social bonding, the inter-subjective relation, image, the discursive and the action.

There is a close relationship between creativity and subjectivity. When including mechanisms that enlarge the field of listening, the scenic aspect becomes particularly relevant. Facing a path of destruction, we encourage journeys that are less destructive, and which lead to a better contact with the boundaries of our self and our day-to-day experiences.

In contrast to the almost lethal situation of the “society of the spectacle“, we propose the creative play: dramatization, the transitional object, the mask.
We are not indifferent to the questions that arise from different fields, like philosophy, science, religion, aesthetics, anthropology, art, poetry and theatre.
The problem of subjectivity involves thoughts about the complex, and thus, we do not want to reduce the human aspect to just a technique; it is in this heterogeneity of the questions that we want to find some answers.
The Institute’s path is strongly related to the body, the scene, the word and the poetic. Because of this, Psychodrama, Psychoanalysis, Body, Poetry, Theatre and Politics of subjectivity are all closely interrelated.
It has led us to teach, to performances, to undertake research, to publish essays and books, interviews, drama plays, poetry books, psychotherapy sessions, body work.

Continuity and openness

The change in all aspects of life: in the financial area, in politics, in culture, in the ecology and in technology confronts us with a social re-ordering, uncertainties and changing certainties that need to be approached from the point of view of the construction of new subjectivities. Our unique institutional perspective, which takes into account the blend of the triplicity “body-psyche-world” as the support, leads us to rethink the personal and social insertions and tasks of the human being.

One of the reasons that led us to plan Seminars every three months, during 2011, dedicated to “The meanings of practice” and research on “Directing Compasses” in different directions, theoretical, practical, individual, group, family and institutional activities, was due to the question of how to approach the big social changes and its effects on the individual subjectivities.

We are facing an array of new challenges and we end the year 2011 celebrating the presentation of the book “Maps of the Body. A Phantomatic Corporal Map”, as its authors with other collaborators, with a foreword by David le Breton.
This stage opens new paths that we invite you to share with us.