Instituto de la Máscara | Corporal area
Formación Oficial en Salud, Arte y Educación. Es una institución que articula lo psicoterapéutico, lo corporal, el psicoanálisis, el psicodrama, lo grupal, la creatividad y las máscaras. Este entramado constituye una definición conceptual y metodológica. La máscara revela y oculta a lo largo de la historia humana, lo personal, lo cultural y lo social.
Instituto, Máscara, Formación, Salud, Arte, Educación, Psicoterapéutico, Corporal, Psicoanalisis, psicodrama, grupal, creatividad, conceptual, cultura, social
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Corporal area

Corporal area

The enigma of the body brings forth its history, its marks charged with fantasy. Pains, armours, fears, energies, articulate in its creases. Each body tells of another one. Each contracture, each knot connect in a net whose weaving is related to the particulars of a story, a memory, a look. This way a Fantomatic Body Map is shaped and is revealed by the practice and different body-work and dramatical techniques.

Body diagnosis

4 or 5 sessions starting from the recognition of one’s own corporal image.

Dramatic Body Work with use of masks

Individual, group and family sessions.


Focussed on the professional corporal practice of each member, group dynamics and the coordinator’s role.

Individual sessions