Instituto de la Máscara | Artistic
Formación Oficial en Salud, Arte y Educación. Es una institución que articula lo psicoterapéutico, lo corporal, el psicoanálisis, el psicodrama, lo grupal, la creatividad y las máscaras. Este entramado constituye una definición conceptual y metodológica. La máscara revela y oculta a lo largo de la historia humana, lo personal, lo cultural y lo social.
Instituto, Máscara, Formación, Salud, Arte, Educación, Psicoterapéutico, Corporal, Psicoanalisis, psicodrama, grupal, creatividad, conceptual, cultura, social
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The Institute’s artistic search is directed towards the investigation of the process that goes from the personal experience of body – dramatic experimentation to the creation of an artistic statement.


The masquerade is a creative act in which the audience take part, making their own masks and then interacting in scenes and body play. We define it as a show with active participation of the audience. The area where the masquerade takes place becomes a scenic space.

Theater with masks

Plays/theatrical productions are the opportunity for scenes, fantasies and doubts arising from the Institute’s activities to be put on stage
The Poetics of Unmasking question theatrical identity and aesthetics creatively, discovering and giving them new masks.